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Don't under-budget for insulation

The best insulation you can get installed properly is one of the best investments you can make for your new structure. Homes, shops or offices need to be sealed and well insulated. In days past one could afford to waste natural gas or electricity heating and cooling a building; but not anymore.

This site is dedicated to educating you the consumer as to why you need Walltite Spray Foam insulation in your structure installed by Spray Jones. The link below will take you to our YouTube channel where you will find an advanced library of videos covering a wide range of topics, including Vlogs.


Introducing you to Walltite and Enertite spray foam insulation! For the budget conscience consumer that wants spray foam insulation but has to work within the confines of a tighter budget the Enertite low density foam insulation is your choice. This low density open-cell spay foam offers air sealing, cavity fill and many of the values of medium density spray foam with out the upscale price. Walltite-Eco is for those that wish to have an all-in-one air vapour barrier and the advantages of added support to your structure. Either choice provides you with a winning solution.